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DJCOMMUNICATIONS: Network cabling Division has adopted a single point of contact style for delivering network-cabling services. These services cover total voice and data applications utilizing standards based cabling media such as CAT5e, CAT6 CAT6A and fiber optics.

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Moving your business to a new location with existing cable infrastructure

 Areas of inspection:

Telecommunications closets and Main cross-connects.

        Proper bonding & grounding of Equipment:

        Visual inspection of cable terminations.

        Full cable analyze of all network lines.

        Tests downloaded and provided to customer

 Labeling documentation

Full check to see if outlet and patch panel labeling correspond.

Network Problems


Did you know that over 60% of network downtime and productivity losses are caused by cabling infrastructure? Analysis of your existing cabling infrastructure is being offered to help in diagnosing current or impending problems.

A network cabling technician would perform a site survey of your existing cable plant based on current EIA/TIA and IEEE standards. Sample testing will be performed on the cabling infrastructure to determine compatibility with existing standards along with visual inspection of horizontal cabling, backbone cabling and equipment rooms for proper terminations, support, environment, and other EIA/TIA standards of installation.

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